WHAT it is : 

A tree-planting activity aimed at greening urban/public spaces, 100 trees at a time. This can be initiated by corporates and/or groups of individuals as well as schools.

TreeVolution is a fully customizable, half-day event that can be done wherever there is a need for greener spaces. It could be in a residential area’s playground, a stretch of open unused land, a plot for a community garden, along the road… the possibilities are endless!

TreeVolution helps build relationships between interested groups, the community and the local municipal council as they work hand-in-hand to make their area a better place. We encourage getting the local community involved since, as residents of the area, they will benefit the most from having more trees around them. The local council will also be valuable, not just for providing approvals but the expertise in terms of knowing which trees are best for which area.

In line with the core values of Roots & Shoots – we are helping groups of people put their good intentions into good work, service that will bring benefit not just to the environment and animals, but fellow human beings as well. And TreeVolution is an activity that does just that!


HOW it works :

Step 1 : Interested groups (corporates, independents, academic institutions) contact us, inform us of their intent to join the TreeVolution and why.

Step 2 : We contact the local municipality to explore options within the district/city to see which areas would suit the event best (number of people, types of trees, budget, etc)

Step 3 : We contact the interested group and present our bespoke tree-planting activity for them.

Step 4 : We get moving on the approved proposal and start making arrangements for the event!

Step 5 : TreeVolution Time!

The one thing that IS required for this activity, is that a minimum of 100 trees be planted. Again, it is flexible on what TYPE of trees – which could be as small as little Japanese Roses all the way to big bucida trees! Working with the municipal council is key on this, especially when it comes to public spaces, since they know which ones suit the terrain/area the best.


WHO can participate?

Corporate groups and organisations of all sorts, even social groups (eg. a bunch of friends, a recreational sports club, etc) who would like to give back to the community in a simple yet very meaningful way. There is no age requirement nor restriction.


Corporate groups that initiate the activity will give back to the community that the tree-planting is taking place. It could be the town/district in which their company is situated; or in the case of community groups – the area they live in together. Not only is the CSR requirement of the company fulfilled – it will be a great feel-good activity for the staff.

The community of the TreeVolution site will benefit from having at least 100 new trees in their neighborhood.

The municipal council will enjoy a closer relationship with the people they serve, as well as foster new relationships with the interested groups while working together to make their shared area a better place.