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About Roots & Shoots

About Roots & Shoots

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots is a youth-led action programme aimed at young people of all ages. The programme was founded in 1991 by Dr Jane Goodall under the Jane Goodall Institute, and it promotes the values of compassion and respect for all living things, as well as intercultural understanding and solidarity among all peoples.

Roots & Shoots empowers young people to create positive change for people, animals and the environment, by providing the tools needed for them to initiate, and lead, projects and campaigns that make a difference.

Beginning with 12 students in Tanzania who wanted to help solve the problems in their local community - the Roots & Shoots programme is now a global movement, with over 150,000 active groups in over 130 countries.

Roots & Shoots Malaysia was established in January 2015. Today, we have over 10 active groups in various schools… and growing fast!

Join us now and be part of this amazing group of change-makers!

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