Source of Life by Peter Ong



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Photograph Size: A2 Size (42.0 x 59.4 cm)

Material: Photo Rag Paper

The siamang are the largest gibbon species in the world, unique apes that are only found in parts of Thailand, Indonesian Sumatra and Peninsular Malaysia. They typically live in tall, montane or hilly forests. Their Malaysian home, the Central Forest Spine of the peninsula, not only plays a vital part in our fresh water supply but also is an important biodiversity corridor.

Siamang are fully arboreal in nature, with fruit making up more than 60% of their diet. They are also native fig tree seed dispersers. This takes care of the overall jungle health and ensures that fig trees continue to grow and provide food for other species including hornbills. Both males and females have a large throat pouch capable of producing loud calls in the form of whoops and barks that can be heard far away.

The species is now endangered because of the large-scale destruction of its forest habitat that have been over-logged or converted to oil palm plantations. The siamang is also vulnerable to the illegal wildlife trade in the region, with poachers often killing adult (especially the mothers) siamang to capture the young ones.

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